Archive: March 5, 2018

Architects Fees in Dundee – How Much Typically Do Architects Cost?

How Much are Architects Fees? How much does it cost to hire an architect or architectural designer in Dundee and how do they set their fees? If you live in Dundee or the surrounding area and are you thinking of building an extension, a Loft conversion or carrying out internal alterations? If you are, you

Who are the best Architects in Edinburgh?

Architects in Edinburgh & Beyond Who are the best architects in Edinburgh? As an architecture firm, over the past few years, we have been involved in a lot of design projects. Edinburgh is booming and is a hotbed for building projects and we could not be happier with our clients in this area. Because our

4 Top Tips for Choosing an Architect or Designer in Dundee

Choosing an Architect or Designer in Dundee What are the Biggest Problems when Choosing an Architect or Designer in Dundee? This is probably a question that most architectural firms will simply not want to discuss, however, the customer and the architect do occasionally fall out…..That’s life sometimes! This might be a more than a little