Can an Architect stamp drawings?


In a word, no

The local authority (in Scotland) are the verifiers and as such they approve and stamp the drawings


The process to having drawings stamped are as follows:


The architect submits the drawings to the local building standards office, the drawings are assessed for compliance with current building regulations.


Once the drawings have been initially assessed a first response is sent to the architect.

The first response will highlight any areas that require further clarification or if more information is required.

This is normally practise for all building warrant applications.


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The architect will review this and revise the drawings and specifications as required, the architect will then resubmit all of the drawings and specifications.

This process continues until the local authority are satisfied that they have all of the information they require, they will then issue the approved building warrant and stamped drawings.


The architect acts as the agent during this process.

The submit architectural drawings and structural drawings as part of the building warrant application process.


Structural engineers certify their own structural design through the SER scheme. next post here

However, they do not stamp drawings


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