At John Webster Architecture, we offer 2 service levels to our clients.

Silver & Gold Architectural services packages.

We want to keep things simple and easy to understand for our clients.

Silver Package:

The Silver Package offered by us includes the following. 

  • An initial phone or Zoom call to discuss the project in detail, followed by a 
  • formal fee proposal outlining the full scope of work. 
  • One site visit is carried out to conduct a site survey
  • Design drawings are prepared with unlimited revisions until the design is confirmed. 
  • Prepare drawings for a planning or certificate of lawfulness application, and submit the planning application, 
  • liaise with the Planning department on behalf of you (the client)
  • Obtain a fee quote from a Structural Engineer, if required, and liaises with them. 
  • Drawings and specifications are then prepared for a building warrant, building warrant application is submitted, liaising with Building Standards to facilitate approval.
  • Finally, we send the client-approved building warrant documents.

Who is the Silver package suited to?

It's ideal for you if you are a homeowner or property owner who is planning a residential building project and requires assistance with obtaining planning permission and a building warrant. You may not have previous experience in dealing with the planning department and building standards and would benefit from guidance and support through the process.

If you value clear communication, a thorough understanding of the process, and professional expertise to ensure a successful outcome for your project then the Silver package may be for you


This includes everything in the Silver Package but also includes.

Our construction assistance package includes a comprehensive range of services to ensure that your construction project runs smoothly from start to finish.

  • We will provide 3 Contractors with approved building warrant drawings and specifications to help contractors price the project, and we will also help you select a suitable contractor. 
  • We will set up a contract between you and the contractor, and 
  • Notify building standards when work is due to start. 
  • Conduct two additional site visits, one at the intermediate stage and another at the completion stage, to ensure that everything is in line with the Construction Compliance and Notification Plan (CCNP). (Any additional site visits will be charged at the appropriate rate)
  • We will Submit photos taken on-site and by the client or contractor & submit stages of work notices, 
  • Provide telephone and text support during construction. (During normal office hours only)
  • Submit all necessary certificates and complete the application for the completion certificate. 

Who is the Gold package suited to?

The gold service package is designed for homeowners who want additional support for their construction project from start to finish. This package includes all the services provided in the Silver package plus additional administrative support through the construction phase.

(Please note that this service is not a project management or Contract administration package)