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Our top pick of 5 Structural Engineers in Edinburgh

Updated for 2024

Structural engineers are part of the design team on most projects that we work on.

Projects such as:

Structural Engineers are required to design & detail the structural aspects of a project, certifying designs for building warrants.  

The City of Edinburgh Council Building Standards department requires an SER Certificate to accompany the structural design and building warrant application which means that the firm of Structural Engineers that you use will need to be an Approved Certifier of Design accredited with Structural Engineers Registration Ltd (SER).

Although we are not tied to any Structural Engineers here are the top picks that we use on a regular basis. ***Also, please note we are not recommending these companies per se, but rather making you aware that we have worked with them and that they are SER registered.

The Integral Role of Structural Engineers in Architectural Projects

We often emphasize the symbiotic relationship between these two professions, ensuring the seamless execution of our projects

Architects design how a space looks and functions, while structural engineers make sure the design is safe and won’t collapse.

For most of the projects we undertake, a structural engineer is not just recommended but essential. Their expertise is crucial in designing and detailing the structural components of a project, ensuring that the final structure is sound and compliant with local regulations.

Building Warrant Applications: The Architect’s Domain

One common misconception is that structural engineers handle building warrant applications. In reality, while they play a significant role in certifying designs for building warrants, it is the architects or architectural technicians who manage these applications.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that structural engineers typically work from the CAD files provided by architects or designers. This ensures that both professionals are aligned in their vision and execution.

Cost of a Structural Engineer in Edinburgh

  1. Loft Conversion Project:
    • The cost for a structural engineer to provide a structural design package for a loft conversion in Edinburgh typically ranges from £895.00 to £1,495.00 This cost can vary depending on the complexity of the project, the size of the loft, and any additional requirements or modifications needed.
  2. Removing a Load-Bearing Wall:
    • The cost for a structural engineer to provide design and certification for removing a load-bearing wall in Edinburgh is generally between £695.00 to £995.00 Again, the exact cost can vary based on the size and location of the wall, as well as any other structural considerations.
  3. Kitchen Extension Project:
    • The cost of a structural engineer for a ‘typical’ 14m² kitchen extension is between £795 to £1495.00

knocking down a load bearing wall in an edinburgh tenement

Edinburgh tenements and Flats

Let’s dive into the reasons why engineering fees for work on Edinburgh tenements and flats might be higher than expected:

  1. Complex Structural Dynamics:
    • Tenements and flats are multi-story buildings with multiple residences stacked vertically. Any structural work on one flat can potentially affect the flats above and below. For instance, altering a load-bearing wall in one flat might jeopardize the structural integrity of the entire building.
  2. Increased Risk and Liability:
    • Due to the interconnected nature of flats, mistakes or oversights can lead to significant damage. If an engineer’s work on one flat causes issues in another, they might be held liable for the damages. This increased risk often translates to higher insurance premiums for the engineers, which can then lead to higher fees for their services.
  3. Potential Hidden Issues:
    • Older buildings, like many of the tenements in Edinburgh, might have hidden structural issues or outdated construction methods that can complicate engineering tasks. Discovering and addressing these issues requires more time, expertise, and resources

In summary, the unique challenges presented by flats and tenements in terms of structural dynamics, potential liabilities, and the intricacies of working within such environments justify the higher engineering fees. It’s always crucial for flat owners to work with experienced and reputable engineers when considering structural modifications to ensure safety and compliance.

Top Structural Engineers in Edinburgh: Our Recommendations

While we maintain our independence and aren’t exclusively tied to any particular structural engineering firms, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with several reputable ones in Edinburgh. Here are five that we’ve worked with and who are SER registered:

  1. Structural Design Consultants (SDC Ltd): A frequent collaborator of ours with offices in Fife, Edinburgh, and the Borders. They handle projects ranging from minor wall alterations to comprehensive house constructions.
  2. McColl Associates: An Edinburgh-based firm that operates under the philosophy that no project, regardless of its size, should be turned away.
  3. Fairhurst: A stalwart in the industry, Fairhurst has been operational for over a century. They are adept at managing large-scale projects and have a regional office on George Street, Edinburgh.
  4. JFR Projects: Established in 2006, JFR Projects offers a holistic design consultancy service for small to medium-sized home alterations and extensions in Edinburgh.
  5. 3DM: A robust structural engineering firm, 3DM provides structural solutions for both public and private construction ventures.


So, there you go, 5 Structural Engineers to consider as you are researching and getting quotes for your project.

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