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Planning permission fees in Edinburgh

Understanding CEC Planning Fees in Edinburgh

When it comes to construction and property development in Edinburgh, understanding the associated fees, particularly the planning fees, is crucial. The City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) has set specific charges for planning applications, ensuring that all developments adhere to the city’s planning regulations and standards.

What are CEC Planning Fees?

Planning fees are charges set by the City of Edinburgh Council for processing planning applications. These fees are essential for ensuring that all proposed developments in the city meet the required planning standards, ensuring the aesthetic, functional, and environmental harmony of the city.

Why Does CEC Charge Planning Fees?

  1. Administrative Costs: Processing planning applications involves several administrative tasks, including reviewing the application, checking the plans against city planning standards, and conducting site inspections. The fee helps cover these administrative costs.
  2. Maintaining Aesthetic and Functional Standards: The fee ensures that every proposed development in the city meets the required aesthetic and functional standards, preserving the city’s unique character.
  3. Environmental Considerations: The fees also ensure that all projects consider environmental impacts, promoting sustainable development.
  4. Infrastructure and Resources: The CEC invests in the necessary infrastructure, training, and resources to ensure that the planning department operates efficiently. The fees collected contribute to this investment.


Householder Development:

When it comes to planning for houses, it’s generally referred to as “householder development.” This term encompasses developments related to changes or extensions to existing homes.

Planning Fees for this are currently £300.00

For a fully detailed guide to planning fees in Edinburgh, please refer to the guide

In conclusion, understanding the CEC planning fees in Edinburgh is vital for anyone planning a development project in the city. By being aware of these costs, you can budget appropriately and ensure that your project aligns with the city’s planning standards.


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